The Pro Shop and the bag and locker room will be open Tuesday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and weekends from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For late afternoon golfers the locker room will remain open after 6:00 PM.


Members and guests must register at the Pro Shop before com­mencing play. All charges for guests and carts must be signed, with name and club number; cash will not be accepted at any time. All unregistered Members and guests will be asked to return to the Pro Shop to register.


Weather permitting, the courses will be open: Sunrise to Sunset

The Silvermine Woods 9 is closed December 1 through March 31. The Barn 9 and Pro Shop 9 (Executive Course) will be open dur­ing the winter months at the discretion of the Superintendent. 

4.      TEE TIMES (Starting Times)

The Board of Governors has unanimously endorsed an open tee time policy covering all adult members in good standing. The policy opens the first tee anytime to the Members except when club sponsored tournaments are scheduled. The tee time policy allows members reserve a starting time Tuesday through Sunday and holiday golf played between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

·   Reservations for tee times may be made with the club’s online tee time system.

·   A minimum of two names are required for each tee time issued.

·   Reserved tee times will determine the sequence of play during Prime Time.

·   Players must register at the Pro Shop at least 10 minutes prior to their tee time. Failure to do so may result in loss of their tee time.

·   A Starter will be on the first tee during Prime Time.

·   Singles may not reserve tee times during Prime Time and will have no status on the course.

·   Singles and twosomes will be paired up by the starter and allowed to play at the discretion of the Starter.

·   Junior members will not be allowed a tee time on weekends or holidays until 2:00 PM. The rules governing the play of Juniors will prevail. The Pro Shop 9 is available to juniors all day.

·   Tee times for all other available times will be issued on a first come-first served basis.

5.      CARTS

Cart signs apply to drivable carts. All carts must be kept thirty feet (30′) from greens and not brought across the approach of a green. Where there are macadam paths, all drivable carts must remain on them. Any damages to a cart or club property is the responsibil­ity of the driver. No person under 16 years of age or unlicensed person is permitted to drive a cart. No more than two (2) people and two (2) bags are allowed per cart

Carts are mandatory for weekend shotguns and men’s Wednesday night twilight shotguns.


     6.      SLOW PLAY

Slow play on a course can be one of the most disruptive situations a golfer may encounter while playing. The Club Management will enforce the following procedure:

1.   A round of golf on the eighteen hole course must be completed within four hours. Any group teeing off prior to 8:00am exceeding four hours may lose their prime hours starting time for the next weekend. Any group following the over four hour group by fifteen or more minutes, may lose their prime hour starting time for the next weekend. Groups teeing off after 8:00am must complete their round in 4 hours 15 minutes or lose tee time privileges the following weekend.

2.   Slow play is defined as losing position on the golf course by one hole or not playing at a pace equal to the time standard set for a round.

3.   The lowest handicap player in a group that is falling behind is responsible to help “speed up play.”

4.   If the group refuses to “speed up play” after being instructed to do so, the group will be reported to the Pro Shop for appropriate action. 

8.      GUESTS

An individual may only use the golf facilities as a guest of one or more members a total of five (5) times during anyone season. Guests who are on the club’s waiting list may not play more than ten (10) times during anyone season. Members are responsible for their guests and must accompany them at all times. Violation of this rule will result in loss of guest privileges.


Proper attire is required in the clubhouse and on the golf course. All men must wear shirts with collars and tucked in at all times. Mock turtlenecks are also permitted. No halter tops to be worn by women. No tee/under shirts, short/shorts, cut-off jeans, jeans of any type or color or untidy dress will be permitted. The professional staff will ask Members and their guests who DO NOT comply with these standards to make the necessary changes before being allowed to play golf, or use the dining room. Members are responsible for guests adherence to dress code. Ladies denim suits and skirts will be permitted. Gentlemen are required to remove hats before being seated in clubhouse. Hats must be worn toward the front at all times.


All junior members must obtain permission from the Golf Profes­sional to be eligible to play without adult supervision. Permission is based on ability and conduct of the applicant. Play on weekends and holidays will be after 2:00 PM on the eighteen hole course. For exceptions see the Golf Professional. Guests of Juniors must know how to play golf. Proper attire rules apply to Juniors.